About Us

About our business

Our company has been producing in a quality and reliable way in order to respond to the demands of its customers in the most accurate way within the sector where it has been located since 2013. Emr Plastik ve Metal Bağlantı Elemanları SAN. VE TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. works with an innovative perspective and total quality principles.

Emr Plastik ve Metal Bağlantı Elemanları Manufactures with a management approach that predicts the future, an expert staff in the field of Plastic Dowels and an experienced workforce.

Emr Plastik ve Metal Bağlantı Elemanları As a company, it is among our goals to maintain our position in the Dowel sector and reach the top depending on the principle of setting our future goals with Decency and principled service understanding without compromising quality.

  • Friendly Service

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Experienced Staff

  • Quality Production


Our Quality Policy

Emr Plastik ve Metal Bağlantı Elemanları Our primary responsibility is to act in accordance with our vision and mission.

The continuity of our success depends on us doing our part in glorifying these values in our daily work and in all the decisions we make.

Mission & Vision

As Emr Plastik ve Metal Bağlantı Elemanları, it is our priority to create value for our customers and to respond to their expectations with quality and stability.

To be the number one in the Plastic Dowel industry by adopting a marketing-oriented approach for all segments with the highest level of building brand awareness at all times and a modern management approach that aims to keep Customer Satisfaction without compromising trust and quality at the appropriate times.